What can I do to help fundraise?

Here are a few ideas to get you started..

Sponsorship form

1. Follow us

You can meet other supporters, get fundraising ideas, and see how your money is really making a difference. Like us on Facebook and Twitter and please share Harry’s Pals pages with your friends.

2. Share Harry’s Pals EasyFundraising links

Every time you buy something on-line, whether it be a dress, holiday or your weekly shop you could be raising money for Harry’s Pals at no cost to you. Go to Easyfundraising and find resources to share this simple way of supporting Harry’s pals just by going through Easyfundraisng. It literally takes seconds to sign up and is incredibly easy, before long you won’t even be thinking about it but we will be able to help a family with the money you’ve raised. 

Just don’t buy anything without going through easyfundraising – it really is a cinch!

3. Get fundraising ideas 

You’ll find a few events that are already happening that you can sign up for on our events page. However, you may have your own fundraising idea; perhaps there is a challenge you always wanted to set yourself? Why not make your goal a reality and do it for Harry’s Pals?

If you are looking for some inspiration why not download our Harry’s Pals Fundraising ideas list to get you started.

We’d love to hear your ideas too – so please share them with us.

4. Ask your friends to sponsor you 

Whether you plan on giving up wine for the month, jumping out of an aeroplane or fundraising in any other way – make sure you ask your friends and family (or just about anyone you meet) to sponsor you. Just download the Harry’s Pals sponsorship form Sponsorship form or set up your own Just giving or gofundme and get fundraising – and once again thank you very much.