The Team

Our team has been moved by the story of Hayley and her family and are dedicated to the mission of improving emotional support and services to families of people with life-limiting conditions. Our trustees bring about an wealth of skills and knowledge and are passionate about using their skills and desire for change to improve the lives of parents who have found themselves in very difficult circumstances.

Lynn Stubbs

Lynn is Executive Director of People and Performance. During her 25 years in housing, Lynn utilises her extensive HR knowledge and is very passionate about empowering colleagues and delivering award winning staff engagement and communication. She brings a wealth of experience in business transformation and cultural change, governance and compliance, as well as delivery of front-line services and customer and community engagement.

Julie Doyle

Julie is Chief Executive of a large Registered Provider and registered registered Charity with over 1,300 employees. With over 30 years’ experience in the housing sector, Julie Remains committed to ensuring the Group continues to realise its ambition of being a leading developer the improves people’s lives be providing high quality housing and carer and support services.

Carly Sumner Sinfield

Carly is an experienced copywriter and communications professional, currently working as Senior Copywriter at The Open University. A passionate storyteller, Carly has worked with major brands to deliver impactful multi-channel communications and believes in using the power of words to inspire positive action that transforms lives.

Norma Masters

Norma is Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive of a large Housing Association and registered charity. Norma is also a Company Director with extensive administration experience particularly within governance and compliance work.

Chris Roper

Chris is Director of Coaching at The Centre of Financial Education (CFED). He became interested in Financial Services after a successful career in management and training outside of that industry with companies like Wickes and Acorn before qualifying as an IFA.

He developed a passion for coaching and mentoring both individuals and teams within those organisations and externally as a vocational coach with world leading Dale Carnegie organisation. The skills acquired now serve well to keep CFED delegates challenged and engaged.