Our families..

Here are just some of the inspiring things that families who we have supported have said about us.

These are Harry’s Pals..

Getting support through Harry’s Pals so that we could have a break was the easiest process I have came across, thanks to Hayley it was really hassle free.

The break was wonderful, and it was just what we all needed after a hard few months of Daisy being ill. Sea air always seems to make everything feel better.

It really helped us to have the opportunity to spend some time together as a family with Daisy and her sister without the day-to-day pressures of life.

We all had a wonderful time and the holiday accommodation and local facilities were perfect to meet Daisy’s accessibility needs. Thank you.

Toni Mannion, Harry’s Pals parent 

Daisy Mannion

We had a weekend of  making the most special memories in Barmouth 🧡.

We are so thankful to Harry’s Pals Charity for donating us the most perfect Airbnb for the weekend, it’s been very difficult for us to step out of our comfort zone with Flory the past couple of years due to her anxiety and home comforts, this is something we wouldn’t usually have dared to do but thanks to Harry’s Pals we took the plunge and it really paid off! We had the BEST time.

I am SO proud of Flory Bear for being so brave, she spent time paddling in the sea, riding donkeys, eating in restaurants, going on long walks down the promenade and touching the Stoney wall was her favorite. She slept all through the night every night, got little sun kissed cheeks and salty sea hair 🥰. Flory’s godparents even joined us for 2 nights and got to spend this invaluable time with Flory Bear.
Precious memories that we thought were impossible happened this weekend and our hearts are so full. 🧡♥️

Pheobe Crisp, Harry’s Pals Parent


“Honestly there are so many happy and positive words I could say about Hayley and her charity Harry’s Pals. Hayley listened to me and allowed me and my two daughters to go away and have some quality time away from home. Hayley even checked in on me before hand because my mum passed away unexpectedly and was so understanding and caring. I love how Hayley and the charity truly understand the caring role I have and the impact this has”.

Laura Castillo, Harry’s Pals Parent



Harry’s Pals is an amazing charity, the charity gave us the chance to be a family without hospital visits and it was so great to have quality time together with both boys.  The boys had such a wonderful time and the charity made it all so easy for us, they thought of everything.. right down to hoisting and activities for the children.

Hayley at Harry’s Pals is so thoughtful and kind and can’t do enough to help families like ours as she understands what it’s like to have a child with complex needs. 

We are so grateful to Harry’s Pals for giving us such a positive break that we will treasure forever. “

Laura Maclellan, Harry’s Pals Parent

“In March 2020 my son, Rafael  was born. I had a completely healthy pregnancy, but for reasons not fully known, my son had a bi-lateral stroke after birth, causing extensive brain damage. At the time I had no idea what the effects of this would be on him and our family. But as time has progressed, we have seen the devastating impact of this and what this means for us all. Rafael has global developmental delay, he has cerebal palsy that affects all four limbs and his cognitive ability is that of a 3 month old. The stroke has also impacted his vision and he struggles with feeding. This has been really tough to come to terms with, both my husband and I have struggled with our mental health. We also have two older children aged 5 and 7 and have seen how Rafael’s diagnosis has impacted on them too.

We recently reached out to Harry’s Pals as we felt that we really need that emotional and psychological support in order for us to move forward. To help us as a family become more resilient and enable us to look after Rafael and his siblings more effectively. We have so many medical appointments and it is very easy to become stressed and overwhelmed. The therapy is helping us to address our mental health and to put coping mechanisms in place  I.e. when we feel anxious or stressed, enabling us to give Rafael the best care. If we had not had this support now, there would have been a significant impact on the whole family. Harry’s Pals has been amazing and has given our family much hope. The charity has helped us to feel less alone and has given us the tools to ensure we give Rafael and his siblings the best of us. Despite the challenges ahead, we are now able to look to the future with renewed optimism and enthusiasm.” Becky, Harry’s Pals Parent

Isabel has a rare syndrome that affects her heart and global development delay


“Thanks to Harry’s pals we had a much needed break away – to just switch off from the everyday worries of having a child with extra needs. To be able to enjoy some quality family time together was just what we all needed. 

Also it was so easy.. after contacting Harry’s pals, they were so happy to help. Which makes such a nice change from normally having to fight for things for your child.

We honestly can’t thank you enough, we are so grateful and it’s so nice to know there are charity’s out there who can help. “

Arianne, Harry’s Pals Parent

“Harry’s Pals has been a great support to my family. There is very little emotional support out there for families like mine to access so it was great to find Harry’s Pals. Through Harry’s Pals my family have felt more supported during some really tough times. Through their emotional support and respite breaks we were able to find coping strategies and enjoy quality time away together as a family. Harrys Pals are making a big difference to families like mine and helping people in heart breaking situations to get stronger and find a way through some very challenging times”. 

Emma Whitmore, Harry’s Pals Parent


“Our son was diagnosed with a chromosomal abnormality and a neurological condition shortly after he was born. These conditions opened us up to a world and workload we were not prepared for and as first time parents we had to adapt to the challenging routine of a newborn whilst also catering for our son’s complex needs.

As loving parents we were happy to provide this round the clock care but due to the physical and mental toll, we have discovered how important respite is to our energy levels and wellbeing. We were recently offered a short break by Harry’s Pals in a beautiful townhouse by the sea. This was our first family holiday and the house they provided was truly a ‘home from home’. They had thought of everything and it was comfortable and allowed us to truly unwind.

We didn’t want for anything and that meant we could focus on giving our son some fantastic experiences and creating beautiful memories. Having something to look forward to really helped us maintain a positive outlook and the experience of getting away in the sunshine, with sand beneath our feet, sea air and quality family time was brilliant.

We cannot thank Harry’s Pals enough and we cannot stress how important their work is for people in similar situations to our own.” Anon – June 2022, Harry’s Pals Parent

“Harry’s Pals is doing great work for families like mine. We had a lovely break away from the day to day routine. It provided us with a great opportunity to have some quality time together as a family.”

Charlotte Quanbrough , Harry’s Pals Parent



“Thank you so much to Harry’s Pals for our lovely and relaxing weekend getaway. We had such a wonderful time, our son has poor mobility the hot tub where we stayed was just wonderful for his physiotherapy and also very relaxing for us. Harry’s Pals make such a difference to families like mine who really need some time out.”

Rachael Smith, Harry’s Pals Parent



“Harry’s Pals gave us an amazing opportunity that I will cherish forever.The children enjoyed their first holiday. There were plenty of smiles and giggles. It was beautiful and very heart warming watching Iszac and his little sister spend quality time in the sunshine” 

Alice Derby, Harry’s Pals Parent