Terms and Conditions of support

Respite Breaks

  • Applicants must have a child who is severely ill or disabled who has been diagnosed in the past five years.

  • The child must be under the age of 16 with a life limiting condition with supporting consultancy letter which we may ask to see in some instances.

  • Can apply for one break every three years

  • Live in the UK permanently

  • We do not provide breaks for overseas travel

  • Breaks are limited to 3-4 nights 

  • A break will be allocated to your family dependent on location and availability

  • Any damages, loss or breakages at your allocated respite during your stay will be charged to you. Harry’s Pals will not pay for these

  • We appreciate that unfortunately you may have to cancel your break and we will do what we can dependent on the circumstances to help you reschedule your time away. However in some  cases, for example no shows, we have the right to not offer you another break. 

  • Breaks will be allocated dependent on need and availability

  • We do not provide the monetary value for you to book your own break

  • We cannot guarantee you are break but will do our very best dependent on whether you meet the criteria

  • Whilst we will not ask for a payment to be made for these breaks, we do appreciate any donation you feel able to contribute to Harry’s Pals

Counselling/ Therapy Sessions

  • Must have a child who is severely ill or disabled diagnosed in the past four years under the age of 16 with a life limiting condition with supporting consultancy letter in some instances.

  • Upon application you will be allocated a counsellor or therapist dependent on availability and location. We will also work with you to make sure this counsellor/ therapist is working for you

  • Each applicant will be allocated a number of sessions dependent on assessment. Harry’s Pals will fund a maximum of six sessions per person.  

  • You must let us know if you are not happy with your counsellor or therapist so that we can allocate you someone else if available

  • You must let us know if you decide not to attend the sessions anymore so that we can allocate some sessions to another individual

  • All information shared with Harry’s Pals and Counsellors/therapists is completely private and confidential and will not be shared unless we have your permission to share your experience as for example as a testimonial

  • We cannot guarantee that we will provide you with support, however providing you meet the criteria we will do our very best.

  • If you cancel on the day you may be asked to pay a cancellation fee

  • This service is free, but we do ask that anyone taking part in these sessions considers making a donation to Harry’s Pals if able to, even if its just a few pounds