Providing emotional support to parents of severely ill or disabled children

“My name is Hayley and my son Harry is severely disabled, this is because he had strokes on both sides of his brain prior to being born. We weren’t expecting anything to be the matter with Harry but then three days after he was born we were given the life shattering news that he had significant brain damage.

I waited to be offered some sort of emotional support but there was no support offered. This had a huge impact on our ability to cope so I decided something needs to change.

At Harry’s Pals we offer emotional support to parents who have recently had a diagnosis that their son or daughter is severely ill or disabled.” – Hayley Charlesworth – Founder, Harry’s Pals 

With your help we can really make a difference to a family in heartbreaking circumstances

What We Do

At Harry’s Pals we are passionate about getting emotional support out to families who are struggling with their mental health following a recent diagnosis of a life limiting illness or disability. We are here to help families find coping mechanisms so that they feel a bit better equipped and stronger to move forwards in such challenging circumstances. We are also keen advocates for carers and disabled people and campaign for change so that better support is offered to families affected by disability.

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Dan Renton Skinner

Actor, Comedian and Writer, Dan, is a regular on our screens and the comedy circuits. You may know him better as his comedy alter-ego Angelos Epithemiou.  Comedy aside Dan knows the value of Harry’s Pals on a personal level…

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